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Environmental problems are now becoming a burning problem of society. Environmental protection is the common responsibility of the whole community, of each individual, of a collective…
Many businesses operating today always pay attention to environmental issues and perform well the processes required by the State.

Environment protection problem

The process of environmental management and environmental protection is always a debatable topic and a difficult issue to solve for the industrial parks. In general, there are many businesses that have not been able to solve the backlogs.

Often overlooking at environmental impact assessment reports is a common and common situation in many businesses. Due to time pressure and lack of investors, there are many consequences affecting the environment. Even many industrial zones have become hot spots for the environment issues.
The problem of waste treatment still has many shortcomings and limitations. For concentrated production zones, solving the problem of wastewater treatment requires a synchronous plan from the beginning with a series of stages: Connection – Collection – Treatment – Discharge to the receiving source.

In the absence of planning from the outset, small-scale manufacturing and poor technology lead to limited economic efficiency. Consequently, waste is not taken care of.

The planning of functional zoning is very important. It will eliminate the possibilities of productions’ types that can affect the environment.

Environmental protection solutions

To overcome the shortcomings and limitations in environmental protection work in industrial parks, it is necessary to synchronously deploy groups of solutions:

For existing businesses, it is necessary to have drastic involvement of all levels of state agencies in the review. Infrastructure planning, including plans for compensation and site clearance to support for complete and synchronous infrastructure investment. Temporarily suspending the development planning of low-quality works, only granting investment permits for new projects with complete infrastructure investment.
It is necessary to promote socialization policies to attract investment in infrastructure instead of investment from the State budget as at present.

Strengthening propaganda, widely disseminating and strongly implementing cleaner production programs at production facilities; adopting policies to support the transformation of production technology towards modernity, energy-saving and environmental friendliness.

Strengthening the inspection of environmental management responsibilities; special supervision for areas that are currently hot spots of the environment to step-by-step requires the completion of environmental procedures.