The social responsibility of the sanitation industry

The social responsibility of the sanitation industry is a hot issue that many people are concerned about. Every individual or organization has a common responsibility to the community and society. All create a positive attitude in developing in a sustainable and good direction.

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What is industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning can be understood as a merge of traditional and modern cleaning. It is a combination of cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning by hand with modern machines, equipment, tools, specialized chemicals and optimal methods, modern processing processes… to bring the greatest benefit to mankind.

Types of industrial cleaning

General cleaning: General construction cleaning includes cleaning the entire building from top to bottom, inside and out, cleaning aluminum frames, inner walls, outside surfaces, floor cleaning, floor polishing, floor covering, carpet cleaning, chair, curtain…
Daily cleaning: Cleaning and sanitizing each part or the whole building in use, an activity that repeats regularly on a daily basis.

Social responsibility of industrial cleaning for service users

Industrial cleaning is a new profession that appears to fit the needs and development of society. As society develops, the division of work becomes more and more obvious. Industrial cleaning service was born to meet the needs of organizations that do not have time and labor to do the cleaning.
Protecting workers’ health: The environment is full of dust, chemicals and is not hygienic, which will cause bad effects on the health of individuals in the organization. Therefore, industrial hygiene is the solution to bring cleanliness, freshness, and safety to everyone’s health.
Find out potential hazards that can affect worker safety: Industrial cleaning can uncover potential damage to equipment or business infrastructure. From there, it is possible to make a forecast, repair, or replace it in a timely manner.
The surrounding environment is becoming seriously polluted due to domestic waste, dust, etc., which directly affects the external appearance of the business and the working environment inside. And industrial cleaning can help the building, the outside look clean, and the space fresh in the business’s own office.

Industrial cleaning helps to ensure the quality of the working environment: In hospitals, offices, high-rise buildings… will be where workers spend most of the day. An unhygienic office not only affects health but also affects the working efficiency and professionalism of the business.

Ensure the longevity and durability of utensils, equipment, and fixed assets: The weekly and daily use of industrial cleaning will ensure the longevity and durability of the property, as well as being able to develop detect failures and promptly have an effective treatment plan.

Industrial cleaning to today's society

Industrial cleaning creates jobs for many workers: The increasing demand for industrial cleaning services will create more and more jobs for workers and thereby improve their lives by getting better day by day.
Meeting the needs of organizations and businesses that need cleaning services: the role of industrial cleaning is not only to bring a clean space for each of us but also to bring a professional appearance, indirectly contributing to the business efficiency.

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