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SULUCK committ to doing our best to provide the best service quality

Suluck Environmental Technology Joint Stock Company was established in 2012 with more than 1000 employyees, Suluck proud to be a pioneer in the field of industrial sanitation, especially factory sanitation, in Vietnam. With the mission of providing a clean, safe, and friendly working environment, we constantly strive and innovate to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

Suluck has been and continues to be a reliable partner of many global corporations, including famous names such as Samsung, Luxshare, Foxconn… The trust and cooperation from these major partners not only affirm the superior quality of our services but also reflect Suluck’s strong commitment to environmental protection and improving working conditions for workers.

We apply the most advanced technologies and strictly adhere to environmental regulations to ensure that each project is not only effective but also sustainable. The Suluck team consists of experienced professionals, well-trained and always ready to face any challenge, providing the most comprehensive factory sanitation solutions.

With the motto “Cleaner, Safer, More Efficient,” Suluck not only provides factory sanitation services but also aims to create an ideal working environment, contributing to improving productivity and product quality for our customers. We believe that a good working environment is a solid foundation for the sustainable development of each enterprise.

Contact Suluck to experience the leading factory sanitation service and join us in building a green, clean, and beautiful future for the next generation.

SULUCK committ to doing our best to provide the best service quality

We commit to give a hygiene service that is CLEAN at every single detail, ensure to carry out all project with the FASTEST way.


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    SULUCK - Please do your best for the environment of Vietnam!

    Enviroment problems are now becoming a burning problem of society. Protecting the enviroment is the common responsibility of the whole community, of each individual,… Suluck always pay attention to environmental issues and well implement the processes required by the authority wholeheartedly for a green Vietnam.