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1. Post-construction cleaning works

If the job you want to do is just cleaning the site after construction, it’s very simple, you just need to choose a company with a competitive quote and commitment to chemical safety and ensuring the progress is effective. Most industrial cleaning companies on the market do this job and it is the simplest job of the industrial cleaning industry


Types of industrial cleaning service

Types of industrial cleaning service

However, if your post-construction project is an important item such as cleanroom, operating room, etc., you must choose a capable unit who has done the task before then when do dust concentration measurement or microbiology testing, it will be achieved. At this point, you need to check the contractor’s capacity with the completed contract and invoice and request a commitment to the satisfactory test and measurement results.

 2. Daily cleaning categories

2.1. For small projects

You can choose one of the companies on the market that have experience in doing this work, small projects do not require much management quality because it is almost easy to implement.


Standards for industrial hygiene selection

Standards for industrial hygiene selection

2.2. For major projects

In terms of larger projects, it is imperative to choose a reputable supplier. Most cleaning companies choose this service, but the number of companies specializing in this category is not much. When you need this type of service, you must evaluate and choose a reputable provider. 

So what are the main aspects to evaluate a reputable supplier?

2.2.1. The supplier’s customer set

Large and well-established businesses, especially multinational corporations, often hire a department specializing in selecting and evaluating suppliers before and during work deployment. They do a quarterly audit and even hire a finance company to assess the financial viability of the supplier. These businesses evaluate and control each work process, management process… One thing you need to make sure is that your supplier really provides services to multinational corporations.

2.2.2. Supplier scale

Your service provider is required to meet the scale of your project, they must have enough management capacity to deploy and operate the work for you. If your project is large and you choose the wrong supplier, you may fail because they are not qualified to handle the job. There are a number of small vendors who want to get your contract signed to power them, but that’s exhausting, and they’ll probably leave you in the middle of a mess.

2.2.3. Supplier reputation

You need to consider the supplier’s reputation, see how your supplier has so far with its partners. Have any contracts been broken? What is the reason?

2.2.4. Financial ability of suppliers

You need to know the suppliers’ financial ability by looking at the activity and cash flow of the supplier, if the supplier does not have a regular cash flow, there is nothing to guarantee your business work smoothly.

With some of the above suggestions, hopefully it will be helpful for you in choosing a maintenance service provider (daily) that suits your wishes. Also would like to introduce to you, Suluck is a cleaning service provider that fully meets those criteria. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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