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Humid weather makes things always wet and smells unpleasant, more seriously, mold will appear, which is harmful to human health. To overcome this situation, Suluck offers you the following tips.

1. Wipe the house with a dry rag

On humid days, if you use a wet rag to clean the house, it will make your house more humid. The best way at this time is to wipe with a clean, dry rag. If you really need to clean the house with water or use a cotton towel, wash it with warm water. Then use a dry cloth to wipe it off.

2. Turn on the air conditioner in dry mode

The most effective way to prevent moisture is to turn on the air conditioner in dry mode. This will help absorb moisture in the air, help circulate the air, and ensure the health of all family members, especially the elderly and children.

Turn on the air conditioner in dry mode
Turn on the air conditioner in dry mode

3. Close the bathroom door

The bathroom is a humid place in the house, opening the bathroom door will cause humid air to escape and make the humid situation worse. Therefore, you should close the bathroom, toilet door immediately after use. At the same time, use a combination of a blower in the bathroom to push the humid air out.

4. Anti-mold and disinfect utensils with hot water

Household items such as bamboo chopsticks and spoons are easy to mold in this weather. When used for food processing and cooking, it will definitely have negative effects on health. The trick is that after washing the dishes thoroughly, rinse them one last time with hot water and then let them dry. Note that there is a gap between the dishes or the use of a dishwasher if available.

Use hot water when washing dishes
Use hot water when washing dishes

5. Deodorize clothes when it’s humid

Clothes need to be washed and dried before being stored in the closet. You can use dried orange and tangerine peels in a bag to eliminate odors and absorb moisture in the closet. You can also use specialized products available in the market.

6. Preservation of electronics

Electronic devices when contaminated with moisture will reduce performance and usability. So please turn on the device in standby mode to limit the influence of humidity. You should also not put devices close to the wall, limiting electrical leakage causing danger.

Electronics that are severely affected by steam should be stored in a dedicated box with good moisture absorption.

Store the camera in a camera storage box
Store the camera in a camera storage box

With the above tips, you will limit the harmful effects of humid weather on applications, equipment and family life.

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