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Vietnam is showing positive signs in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the right time for businesses to activate and prepare carefully before returning to work. Besides production tasks, the task of ensuring the health of employees is also extremely important. So what do businesses need to prepare?

1. Changing the way of business administration, ready to live with the pandemic

Before starting to restart, the problem of restructuring and changing business administration methods needs to be solved by business owners. The COVID pandemic is gradually being pushed back, but goods circulation channels, especially export goods, cannot recover quickly overnight. Changing product structure, diversifying to suit current customers and targeting the domestic market is a reasonable direction.

Ready for workers to return to work after the pandemic
Ready for workers to return to work after the pandemic

Risk management and control measures need to be carefully calculated to minimize damage when bad cases occur.

Set up specialized groups to implement pandemic prevention and management measures to proactively control and respond. 

2. Ensure the safety of employees when returning to work

Enterprises should only use workers in green areas and are eligible to return to work in accordance with government regulations in that region. It is also necessary to commit to implementing measures to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, and employees will join hands with enterprises to build a safe working environment.

Ensure safety measures when workers return to work
Ensure safety measures when workers return to work

Strictly ensure safety measures for disease prevention such as wearing masks, antibacterial hand washing, testing and distancing for employees. Measures that seem familiar but never stop working in the new normal.

Changing shifts or dividing shifts to reduce crowded contact in the working environment and allow remote work, promoting automation is also a solution that many businesses have applied in a timely manner.

In addition, timely allowances for employees at this time will also help them feel secure in their work and devote themselves to the business.

3. Update the latest information continuously 

Before the pandemic is 100% controlled, businesses need to constantly update the latest information from reputable media channels and state agencies to make appropriate adjustments in time. Prepare response scenarios if the pandemic continues to occur. Difficulties are still ahead, businesses need to be ready to act now.

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