What is industrial cleaning?

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1. Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning services are currently one of the most interested service industries today. Along with the development of industrial parks, factories, and hospitals, the emergence of urban development is the need for hygiene issues that are more and more focused and concerned than ever.

Industrial cleaning activities are often built on a scale and organized with modern equipment and machines. Suluck is currently a well-trained and professional cleaning service provider using modern tools and machines for cleaning.

What is industrial hygiene?
What is industrial hygiene?

Suluck was born to provide industrial cleaning solutions to help customers and partners perform cleaning jobs in factories, industrial parks, and hospitals to meet the increased demand.

2. The importance of industrial cleaning

The nature of industrial cleaning services is to carry out cleaning and landscaping measures of agencies, factories, industrial parks, and hospitals. Measures are taken to protect the landscape and are carefully researched by Suluck before planning to provide customers with the best service.

Industrial zones are the storage of resources, construction materials, production machinery systems, etc., which directly affect the process and development of product supply to the market. Therefore, the issue of machine hygiene and production safety is what many partner businesses aim for.

cleaning process
cleaning process

Next is the issue of the ideal working environment for customers and employees, which requires a clean and cool environment. This is especially necessary in industrial parks, factories, and commercial centers. For factories and industrial parks, a clean and airy environment is a favorable development condition for the development of many industries (food, food, processing). As for the commercial center – an impressive environment for many customers to visit.

Using industrial hygiene is about preserving aesthetic and cultural values. At the same time, minimizing bad agents from bacteria, sources of cross-infection from the outside. The protection and preservation of the landscape will bring many benefits and long-term development.

3. Principles of industrial cleaning

  • The principle from high to low: Clean from high to low positions.
  • The principle from the inside out: Clean from the inside of the room to the outside.
  • The principle from dry to wet: Clean from dry to wet to avoid spreading wet stains by cleaning tools.
  • The principle of near and far: Clean from far to near and start from the furthest place.
  • The principle from dirty to clean: Do the stains first, then the clean place.
  • Sequential cleaning principle: Clean from one area to another, do it to the end.
  • The principle of cleaning is clockwise.
 training process
training process


The basic principle in the maintenance cleaning process, following the rules is the best way to limit stains from spreading to more areas, making the cleaning process quick and effective.

4. Safety rules when using equipment and chemicals

Important rules that every cleaning staff must follow during maintenance cleaning. Chemicals in industrial hygiene are all hazardous to health. Therefore, when in contact with chemicals, it is necessary to wear protective equipment to protect yourself from those effects. Masks, gloves, boots, glasses, protective clothing are indispensable equipment when in contact with cleaning chemicals.

Join hands for service quality
Join hands for service quality

In the process of using sanitary equipment, it is also necessary to pay attention to meet occupational safety standards. Especially, the glass cleaning process in buildings require an extremely necessary occupational safety principles since the it can affect the life of the cleaning staff. During this process, cleaning staff should pay special attention to inspecting equipment such as rope ladders, swing chairs, climbing ladders, etc. to ensure absolute safety.

In addition, in the process of using equipment such as floor polishing machines, industrial washing machines, it is also necessary to pay attention to safety measures to avoid incidents.

Comply with regulations on collection, classification and transportation of waste, without direct contact with waste.


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