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According to the survey “21 trends and the future of work” published in early 2021 by the US human resources group ManpowerGroup, 48% of employees believe that the Covid-19 pandemic has created a new way of working that is work anywhere. This way of working will soon become a global trend, for some specific industries, this change is absolutely necessary to save effort, resources and costs.

1. Many large enterprises around the world embrace the trend of working anywhere

Ford Motor Corporation of America allows 30,000 employees worldwide to continue to work from home indefinitely, under the control of their superiors.

50% of Facebook employees will also be allowed to work remotely within the next 10 years without having to go to the company. At Twitter, positions that do not require an office visit are also allowed to work from home indefinitely. For the big tech corporations, the same thing is happening.

Remote working becomes a trend

Remote working becomes a trend


Even beyond the scale of businesses, in Middle Eastern countries such as in the United Arab Emirates, the UAE has recently introduced a separate visa policy for remote workers.

2. Is working remotely really effective?

According to some studies, workers’ productivity is not only unaffected but also becomes better when working remotely. In fact, we can clearly see that remote workers can save a lot of costs from food, travel, clothing, etc… This amount in the US is estimated at about $5000 per five.

In an era of increasing pressure from the working environment today, working remotely will help employees feel more comfortable and less stressed. Productivity and employee psychology always go hand in hand. This can be a good solution to improve labor productivity.

Remote working helps reduce stress for employees

Remote working helps reduce stress for employees

Besides, on the business side, this is also a condition to expand the cross-border labor market, attract talented people to dedicate and stick to work. Businesses will also save a considerable amount of costs to maintain the workplace for employees such as space rent, electricity and water, internet, insurance, etc.. Another statistic from Global Workplace Analytics also shows that companies can save 11,000 USD/year for each part-time remote employee.

3. Opportunities for technology to develop

Technology is the decisive factor for the remote working method, they help workers and businesses easily interact, effectively manage work.

Many corporations have flourished after the pandemic. 2020 is really a turning point with live working platforms via cloud services like Zoom, Microsoft team..etc..This can be a big push to help the technology industry grow.

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